The Site Description

1. Aerodynamics and processes in the vortex chambers - experimental and theoretical researches of the vortex flows; movements of particles in them, mechanisms of vortex processes and the phenomena; methods of calculation; computer programs; technical decisions.
2. The mechanisms of the atmospheric vortexes - mechanisms of the circulation and energy formation of the whirlwinds. Results are applicable for tornados and tropical hurricanes.
3. Interaction of the Solar system bodies and global changing on the earth - development of the astronomical theory of glacial ages. The problem of gravitational interaction of many bodies is solved. A method of numerical integration of high accuracy is developed. Precession of Mercury perihelion. Evolution of orbits of planets.
4. Protection of the atmosphere - systems of the dust collecting the thermo power plants, the index of the atmospheric pollution of the city, the automated system of valuation of the atmospheric pollution of the city.
5. Foundations of physics - how to receive real knowledge of the world and to do not create its false conceptualizations (see "MANIFESTO: RETURN TO REALITY""). The new method of the description and calculation of electromagnetic interactions of the moving bodies, based on force, which depends on velocity (see "Memorandum 2"). An inaccuracy of the theory of a relativity and all its constructions about interactions, space and time (see "The Main Mistakes of Modern Science"). Movement with superluminal velocity.
6. The screw wind turbine - are applied to use of a wind power. The screw receive the wind energe. The various configurations are considered: self-oriented, cantilevered, vertical wind installations; wind dam from screw rotors. Purges in a wind tunnel are executed, methods of calculation are developed.
7. The missions to planets of other stars - is possible only at the spacecraft movement with velocity under the order of equal speed of light. It can be executed with the help of jet propulsion force of the particles accelerated till light or superluminal speed. For achievement of planets of other stars it is necessary to solve a line of problems: to have correct knowledge of world around; to develop the means necessary for distant missions; to create a fair society on the Earth. These problems may be decided as a result of association of efforts of all enthusiasts, creation of the general program of works and their co-ordinated performance.