Scientists note, that a mans health is 15-20% conditioned genetically, 10-15% depends on the level of health services development, and 55-65% is supported by culture & a way of life. The health of a man, nations health is a multilevel system, where psycho physiological qualities of personality take a very important place. 

A lullaby is unique in its mechanism of influencing on a person, because peoples knowledge about a persons place in the world of nature is concentrated in it. In the lullaby knowledge about the world is coded, and this knowledge is awaken in the genetic memory thanks to the special characteristic of a lullaby. Consciousness, fixed with the help of a language is a reflection of the worlds image, inherited in this or that ethnos.

This project is the first multiaspect manual, which is being taken place on the territory of Russia and the CIS. The majority of the songs represented on the disk are recorded for the first time. Its referred not only to the Siberian- Tatar cradlesongs, but to the Russian, Ukrainian, and Kazakh songs as well.

The project consists of a double CD album with karaoke and two books. The names of the books are: Regional Ethnic Linguistic: Cradlesongs of the Slavonic Peoples of Tumen Region and Regional Ethnic Linguistic: Cradlesongs of the Turkic peoples of Tumen Region. The books are illustrated by photos, taken at the museum of Archeology and Ethnic of Tumen State University (an exposition A Russian Womans World). Two pocket books are about specific character of Tumen region as a multinational territory, about the peculiarities of cradlesongs of Tumen region. In the supplement there are texts of the songs and nursery charms, collected on the territory of the region. The Tatar and Kazakh songs and charms are translated into Russian.

The Reviews of this project are: V.V. Petrova A Deserved worker of Culture of the Russian Federation (The Chair of Choral Conducting of Tumen State Institute of Arts and Culture); A.A. RomanovDoctor of Psychology and Philology, Professor of Tver State University; O.V. Tsybulskayaa psycho physician of Childrens Hospital.


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